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SuCity Records is an acoustically correct facility that is fitted with well-maintained professional and the latest recording equipments. With no booth, our recording studio is well padded, and has three working industry standard mics.

SuCity Records is a state of the art music studio ready to meet your every need at an affordable price. Get an industry standard quality production of any type of music as we are specialized in bringing the best out of the artiste we work with. With top notch seasoned sound engineers with years of experience in music production, you are sure to get your monies worth.

Our sound engineers are also available for hire. Do you need proof of the quality of our music? Follow this link to stream or download some of the songs we have produced or mixed (songs).

Here at SuCity studios we offer music production, mixing and mastering, artiste grooming. We also record audio books, jingles/skits, radio adverts etc.

SuCity Records is also available for hire for music producers and sound engineers who are in need of a standard music studio.




Our music studio houses top quality music production DAWs ranging from FL Studio, Reason, to Ableton Live Production Suite. All of these sit on a virus free, rugged custom made Core i7 computer with 3.4ghz processor, 12gb ram and 2 terabytes password encrypted storage and backup drives which ensures file security. Handled by our seasoned Music producer this ensures that there is free creativity flow by the artiste and a top quality music production.


SuCity Records also has the capacity to deliver global music industry standard recording with softwares such as Cubase, Protools, etc. With a digital to analogue setup, we are oriented to bring out the best in our clients. Here at SuCity, crisp and clear audio recordings are guaranteed.


Want your song to have a competitive edge in the music sphere both nationally and internationally? Then a mixing session is the next step needed for your music.We have our in-house mix engineer with years of experience and active practice.Be it a bright or subtle mix a song needs, our plugin library is always up to date to ensure all sounds cuts neatly into the final mix.


This is believed to be the final stage of the creative process of any audio project. In Nigeria, many people have been made to believe that mixing is same with mastering but this is not the case as in audio mastering, critical listening and evaluation is required and dependent on the speaker accuracy and various listening environments aided by special tools such as both software and hardware console Equalization and dynamics compression in order to optimize sound translation on all playback systems. When we handle the mastering process of your song, you can have your mind rested as our team of industry experts along with various radio station OAPs and DJs access your song from a professional point of view.


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grooming and Management
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